The World Teacher
for all humanity
is now here
In spite of the crises dominating headlines around the world, powerful forces for good are working behind the scenes to bring about a complete transformation of our civilization. As early as the 1800s, Theosophical writings described a great teacher who would inaugurate the incoming Aquarian age, introduce its new teachings, and inspire major changes in our way of life. That World Teacher – Maitreya by name – is here now and will soon announce his presence publicly.

To learn more, we recommend the following free information:
To learn more, we recommend the following:
Get an overview of the World Teacher’s emergence and his message of hope for the future.
Watch a talk by British author Benjamin Creme, the primary spokesperson for this information. Learn more about him and why his information is credible.

Read highlights from a recent Share International magazine, covering global trends in the political, economic, and spiritual transformation now underway.
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