WANTED: All people of goodwill
To aid in the rescue of the human family as crises mount on every front
No prior experience needed; only the desire to help in the most effective way
Since earliest times, humanity has been guided and inspired by a group of highly evolved individuals most often called the Masters of Wisdom. Having gone ahead of us in evolution, they are practical experts in every field of life. They are in fact the most powerful forces on Earth—the Forces of Light.
With their leader — Maitreya, the World Teacher — they have long worked ceaselessly from behind the scenes to ease tensions and inspire right action. But now is the time for them to work openly by our side to help us create a new world that works for everyone. There are many complex factors governing Maitreya’s open appearance in the world. But when the Masters know we truly stand for peace, justice, right human relations, and sharing the world's resources and are ready to do the needed work, they will be able to step forward without infringing our free will.
How to send that message and join the network of Light:
  • Pray/meditate for peace, justice, freedom, and sharing the world’s resources. Ask for Divine help.
  • Spread this message far and wide by every means at your disposal—to everyone you know and even those you don’t know who have wide influence. Every person of goodwill is needed.
  • Get involved in any activities that support the peaceful resolution of conflicts, economic and social justice and freedom for all people.
  • Keep your thoughts positive and avoid assigning blame, which only increases the darkness.
This is how People Power wins the day.
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